Wealth Managers / Broker Dealers

GBI created the first technology / operations platform that provides financial advisors at wealth management institutions the ability to buy, store and sell physical precious metals as they would a stock or ETF through their existing order entry platform.
Through GBI, Financial Advisors can store their physical precious metals holdings in the safest and most cost effective manner.

  • Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium (Bars and Coins)
  • Storage is offered in six locations (New York, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich, Australia, and Singapore)
  • Bullion is stored in third-party, commercial vaulting facilities
  • Holdings are fully insured for replacement value
  • Big Four Accounting firm physically verifies each bar at least annually
  • Completely integrated solution for seamless trading – logistics, reporting, statements etc.
  • Available in fee based / managed accounts (in addition to transactional accounts)

Value Proposition for Various Stake Holders:

Financial Advisors

  • Seamless execution (existing order entry platform) – no need to call anyone
  • Fully Integrated Solution  (no extra paper work)
  • Available in fee based / managed accounts (in addition to transactional accounts)
  • Works in all account types – Cash management, IRA, wrap etc.
  • Automated logistics, storage and transportation
  • Holdings are reported into existing statements
  • Flexible compensation alternatives
  • Ongoing Customer Service/Support

Wealth Management Institutions

  • Easy to integrate and add on to existing wealth management workstations
  • Enhance product/platform offering with a unique  physical hard asset
  • Wholesale and marketing support
  • Asset retention
  • Meet client demand
  • Efficient execution with integrated operations/technology
  • Sticky assets with recurring revenue base


  • Allocated metals – each bar is fully allocated to client (not shared interests in bars)
  • Best execution – each order is bid out to up to 14 institutional dealers, refiners, and bullion banks to provide clients with the best execution
  • Holdings are fully insured for replacement value by Lloyds of London
  • Physical verification of each bar by Big 4 accounting firm
  • Physical Delivery Available
  • Holdings are reported in existing statements

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