GBI’s Physical Dividend Program

GBI has created a proprietary and easy-to-use platform that allows dividend issuing companies the ability to issue their dividends in physical gold or silver.

GBI has mapped out the process, logistics, and regulation and has built a platform for the first truly physical dividend program. This unique program allows shareholders of registered firms to take their monthly dividends in physical gold and/or silver, as opposed to a standard cash distribution. Investors will have the option to keep metals stored within the GBI vaulting network or physically delivered to a client’s destination of their choosing.

The GBI Physical Dividend Program can be tailored for:

  • Dividend Distribution Plans
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans

GBI will provide the following services for each individual company’s program:

  • Customized Web Portal for Shareholders
  • Daily valuation
  • Daily liquidity
  • Electronic trading
  • Worldwide transportation and storage
  • Regulatory and compliance oversight

For more information, call 877-424-9507 and request a Physical Dividend Program Specialist.

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