PAM – GBI adds platform for the independent advisor

By Amber Morgan
February 20, 2013

Private Asset Management

Institutional precious metals provider Gold Bullion International (GBI) has launched an online platform, GBI Advisors (GBIA) for the independent advisor community, allowing them to buy, sell and store bars and coins of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in support of their clients.

“The GBIA platform allows independent advisors to access this offering in a seamless and efficient way,” Steven Feldman, CEO told PAM. He explained that while the physical metals can be stored in six global, insured vaults by security logistics companies Brinks, Via Mat, or Malca Amit, the investor still maintains full title and ownership of their gold. It is then purchased and sold through a large competitive dealer network by best execution.

This new offering to the independent advisors community follows GBI’s original platform which launched in 2011 and targeted financial advisors at large broker dealers who wanted to provide their clients with a physical precious metals offering. Shortly after, the independent advisor community caught wind of the service and demand has since hastened among this growing group of professionals, said Feldman.

“Independent advisors pride themselves on finding innovative, cost-efficient and safe investment solutions for their clients and they believe that our offering fits the gold and commodity allocation in a diversified portfolio,” Feldman said, highlighting that the GBIA platform has the ability to be fully integrated technologically into the advisor’s existing reporting software.

Another draw to GBIA among this sector is that the RIA experiences various benefits including transparency, order-entry ease, security, cost efficiency, and the ability to facilitate the entire process on behalf of their clients as a part of their diversified portfolio, he said. “With the growing number of advisors transitioning to independence, we believe the demand will only grow, as independent advisors tend to focus on diversified portfolios and protecting their clients in the most effective way.”

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