Institutional Asset Management – Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds and Endowments

GBI is the world’s best PHYSICAL precious metals trading and operations platform for the institutional asset management industry.  GBI’s technology allows for buying, storing, and selling of physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium on a state-of-the art electronic trading portal. All physical holdings can be reported into an institution’s existing reporting software or fully integrated on an order management system.

Through GBI, Institutional Investors (pension funds, endowments, hedge funds etc.) can store their physical precious metals holdings in the safest and most cost effective manner.

  • Bullion is stored at non-bank vaulting facilities
  • Title is held in the client/fund’s name, removing all counterparties between the owner and the custodian
  • Storage is offered in six locations (New York, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich and Australia)
  • Completely integrated solution for seamless trading – logistics, reporting, statements etc.
  • Big Four Accounting firm physically verifies each bar at least annually
  • Holdings are fully insured for replacement value

Advantages of investing in physical precious metals through GBI:

  • Remove a layer of counter party risk (storage provided at third-party, commercial vaulting providers; not large financial institutions)
  • Better liquidity (liquidity of the underlying and not of a share in a trust)
  • Best execution (higher quality product with pricing comparable to most ETFs)
  • Diversify holdings geographically by storing in various locations around the world
  • Diversify portfolio holdings into unencumbered real assets
  • Physical delivery to virtually anywhere in the world
  • No 13F filings (as with paper assets); physical precious metals are not securities

Recent Examples of Institutions opting for converting to physical metals:

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