“Great opportunity for every investor to own some physical gold”: Bob Alderman

By Rajesh Bhayani, Business Standard
May 12, 2015

Q & A with Bob Alderman, Executive Vice President, Gold Bullion International

Bob Alderman, a 27- year veteran in wealth and asset management is Executive Vice President and Head of Wealth Management for Gold Bullion International (GBI). GBI is a leading global wealth management and advisory firm for precious metals. Alderman provides precious metals solutions to advisors and clients across all channels of wealth management. Prior to joining GBI, Alderman was with the World Gold Council, Credit Suisse Asset Management and Merrill Lynch.

In an exclusive interview to Rajesh Bhayani, he says whenever gold to crude oil ratio has crossed 20, there was some form of “crisis or high volatility. Currently it is around 19. But Alderman explains why he is still bullish on gold for the long term.

Read Bob’s Interview Here:


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