ENTREPRENEUR – Top 30 Startups to Watch

By Andrea Huspeni
September 10, 2013


Top 30 Startups To Watch


Gold Bullion International



New York, N.Y.


Founded: 2009


What is it: Gold Bullion International is a technology platform for physical precious metals, allowing for individual investors to buy, sell and store gold, platinum and silver.

How it started: After spending years at various financial institutions including Chilton Investment Company and Morgan Stanley, Savneet Singh decided to go out on his own.

Why it’s a winner: Gold Bullion International is on the forefront of investing in the precious metal market, one that had never witnessed innovation to this extent. While other trading platforms get paid out in cash, Gold Bullion International has individual investors actually receiving precious metals, ones that are bought from dealers and stored in protected vaults in New York City, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich, Singapore and Australia.

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