40 Act Funds

New Physical Precious Metals Solution for 40 Act Funds

Brink’s and GBI have created the only all-encompassing offering that allows 40 Act registered funds to buy, sell, and store allocated physical precious metals outside the traditional banking system. The offering combines seamless transaction services with storage in an institutional non-bank vault. All precious metals that are part of this offering are insured for full replacement value and audited by an independent 3rd party firm.

Benefits of the Offering


  • Reduce Cost of Storage
  • Non-Bank Vaulting
  • No Counterparty or Default Risk
  • No Hypothecation of Assets
  • Insured for Full Replacement Value


  • Intraday Liquidity
  • Network of Dealers, Refiners,and
    Bullion Banks Compete for Each Order

Physical Bars

  • Direct Physical Precious Metals Ownership
  • Whole Bar Allocation – No Fractional or Shared Ownership
  • No Tracking Error
  • Independent 3rd Party Physical Bar Audits

To learn more about GBI and Brink’s 40 Act Fund solution, please give us a call at: (646) 822-1300

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